"The well of Freedom, the place of rest is where we desire to be. But there is always more than just freedom for our lives. There is revival coming. We are moving and believing for the promise. Our God is a good God. This is the beginning!" - Pastor Jeremy Johnson

This is a two part sermon series by Pastor Jeremy Johnson called "Unstoppable".



 Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold, because the Lord blessed him. The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy.

Genesis 26:12-13 NIV



When we talk about the wells of revival being dug up, it feels exciting. It feels like exactly what God has called us to do. He has called us to dig up the wells of revival in our city, seeing the dead raised and the lost, found. He has called us to dig up the death and call life into the dead bones. He has called us to see unheard of blessing in the place where famine once was. Isaac knew what it was like to dig up the wells of his fathers, as well as some of his own. He knew what it was like to experience blessing that made his enemies tremble. He also knew what it was like to experience trouble after trouble, and attack after attack, which reminds us that contending for revival will not be easy. That although there will be blessing, there will also be backlash from the enemy, and there will be troubles along the road. But with God, like Isaac, we are unstoppable, able to overcome any obstacle placed in our way.

Isaac finally comes to a place on his journey where there is no disputing over the well he digs. It is a place of room and freedom, but he doesn’t stop there. Isaac wasn’t just interested in getting to a place of rest and freedom, but he was interested in receiving his promise. He finally makes it to Beersheba and makes a sacrifice to God in the same place his father was originally going to sacrifice him to God. Isaac’s heart was one of obedience and sacrifice, two traits God looks for in his children whom He desires to bless. It is the faith that He is drawn to that results in obedience and sacrifice, and ultimately, it is the name of Jesus that He is drawn to. If we will live lives of obedience and sacrifice, calling on the name of Jesus, we are bound to be unstoppable with God.


Discussion Questions:

  1. Share about a time you have experienced the blessings of God despite negative things going on around you.

  2. Have you experienced troubles in the midst of a season that felt like it should have been amazing? Share about one of those times.

  3. What are you believing God for? What do you believe He has promised you?

  4. Have you stopped in a place of rest instead of moving on toward your promise? How can you continue moving toward the promise of God for your life?

  5. What does obedience and sacrifice look like for your life personally? What has God asked of you in the past, or in the present, that has required these two traits from within?