"For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed." Romans 8:19

This is a sermon by Pastor Jeremy Johnson. 
FEARLESS BND's Fourth Single, "The Anticipation"



For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

Romans 8:19 NIV


Christmas. There’s so much involved. You’ve got the reindeer, the tree, the lights, the red and green colors everywhere, the friends and family, but most of all, you’ve got the gifts. That’s really what it’s about, right? If we could all say what we’re really thinking, it’s about the gifts...right?

Really, it’s not about the gifts, but instead, about one Gift, Jesus. He became the greatest gift we could ever receive when He died on a cross and rose again to defeat death and sin. And He not only loves to save, but He loves to give good gifts to His children in accordance with His character.

Have you ever received a gift for Christmas that was wrapped so beautifully on the outside, but then once you opened it, you were honestly disappointed at what was inside? Well, we can see that God wraps much differently. He sometimes wraps the best and most powerful and most helpful gifts in the ugliest, least attractive wrapping.

Sometimes the gifts God gives us will evoke a first response of fear in our hearts. When Mary and Joseph first heard that they would be the parents of the Son of God, their first response was fear. But in the midst of the fear, they chose to say “Yes” to God, and He calmed their fears and gave them courage. He does that same for us if we will say, “Yes.” Once we answer the call, what’s inside the wrapping is so worth it.

Sometimes we get thrown off by the “wrapping” on our lives. We think we’re not smart enough, beautiful enough, fast enough, or strong enough to do what God called us to do. And the truth is, God is using you as a hidden gift to the world, and as a surprise attack against the kingdom of darkness. The world would never expect God to use those He uses, and the enemy is taken off guard by how God works. We simply must trust God with open hands and open hearts, and know that in our weakness His grace is made perfect. He uses the despised things, the lowly things, and the weak things of the world to display His glory. He uses us. The world is waiting for the gift of God inside of you to be revealed. Will you shine for Him?


Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever felt like God gave you a “gift” that was very hard to open because of what it was wrapped in? Share your experience.

  2. When God spoke to you about a gift he was giving you, was fear ever your first reaction? Share.

  3. Have you ever felt hung up about the “wrapping” on your life, when God was really using you as a hidden gift to the world and a “secret weapon” against the forces of darkness?

  4. What has God gifted you that you can use for His glory?