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Dalisha Munton


Our Fearless Kidz team has years of experience with children of all ages. From Pre-School Directors, to Teachers, and more, our team is ready to love every child that comes to Fearless LA. Each member of our team submits a background check and goes through a screening and interview process before undergoing training and becoming part of our team. We are passionate about providing a safe, fun and encouraging environment, so that each child can learn about God and experience the power of His love!

Here at Fearless Kidz, we believe that each child is a gift. Special and unique, no two children are the same. At Fearless Kidz, we celebrate the things that make each child different, and we encourage the children to do the same.

We believe that children can have their own real relationship with God. Church doesn’t have to be a place children go because they’re forced to, but it can be something they look forward to. Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be something children check off a list, but something they want to do. We believe children can encounter God for themselves. At Fearless Kidz, we believe that the Gospel is simple. That with their childlike faith, children can have a personal relationship with God.

In Fearless Kids we have specific age appropriate curriculum to make sure each child learns and grows in the Word. 



There are 3 different age groups in Fearless Kidz:

  • Brave Beginners | Ages 1yr-2yrs

The volunteers in our infant classrooms make certain that the babies are loved and that their needs are cared for each Sunday. We have the important job of demonstrating God’s love to the babies by caring for them and their needs. Children in our youngest classrooms are promoted to new classes based on development. We will communicate with you when these changes need to be made. Our goal is to create a caring, loving, environment where our youngest children want to play with their peers and see the love of God through our volunteers.

  • Daring Disciples | Ages 3yrs-5yrs

The volunteers in our young preschool classrooms will help your children begin to experience the love that God has for them. Each week Bible stories are taught that are enhanced by age appropriate crafts. Fun activities and games along with songs are sure to touch the lives of your children. Students will learn about heroes of the bible, Who God Is, and Fruits of the Spirit. We believe these foundational biblical stories should be instilled in our youngest children. Concepts like sharing, manners, taking turns, and being a friend will also be encouraged at this young age.

  • Lionhearted Learners | Ages 6yrs-12yrs

We believe that, even at this young age, children can begin to experience the calling that God has for them. Each week we focus on foundational Bible stories that are enhanced by crafts, Scripture memory and fun activities that are sure to touch the life of your child. We are blessed to have loving teachers who commit to serve one of our services each week. Our goal is to partner with you in training up your children in the Lord and teaching spiritual truths for them to carry throughout their lives.

Fearless Kidz is offered at all of our services. We cannot wait to meet you and your children soon!