On Sunday, Fearless received a second wind. Pastor Jeremy was back to give us a word about perspective and identity. 
We started off in Isaiah 40:27: "Why do you complain, Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, 'My way is hidden from the Lord; my cause is disregarded by my God?'"
It appears as though God is speaking to two different men, but really there is only one. Jacob was a name given to the young man at his birth. Jacob means deceiver and heel grabber. Jacob was born a twin and was said to be grabbing his older brother's ankle out of the womb in an attempt to be the firstborn. But God gave him a new name, a name from His perspective. God gave him the name Israel, which means 'chosen of God,' God gave that name to Israel to remind him that his past is dead. He is not the Jacob he used to be; he is not the name the world gave him; he is not the name his parents gave him. He is only who God called him to be. 
Isaiah goes on to remind us of a very important notion: Gods understanding is unsearchable. We are always trying to understand what He is doing. but sometimes we just have to accept that we simply cannot understand In that case, we have to let go of that desire to understand and replace it with faith. You may feel week when you don't understand what is happening, but your weakness is the best place to be because God gives power to the weak. Those who wait upon the Lord, renew their strength. 
Don't you hate waiting? In the waiting, we want a lot of answers. We get so desperate for answers that we would rather hear a bad answer because any answer seems better than waiting. This is further compounded when we are waiting on something we don't understand. But in the waiting, the most important thing that we can do is to actually wait on God, like a server waits on a table. 
The greatest time you can give to God is when you feel like you don't have anything left to give. Those are the moments when waiting on God can be so pivotal. When you're waiting on the Lord, it is not your moment to complain; neither is it the moment to not serve. Rather, those are the times when we should stretch our faith. We have to get to a place where we realize that our life is not our own. While you're waiting on the Lord, it gives Him the ability to wait on (or attend to) your situation. But as long as you're busy waiting on your situation, God can't take over. So wait on God, not your situation.
When you wait on the Lord, you shall mount up with wings like eagles. There is a specific reason He chose the eagle. There are 4 things you need to know about eagles:

  1. The eagle was built for the storm.
    Eagles lock their wings and allow the storm to take them because the storm already does most of the work for them. All they have to do is stand in the right position in the storm and they will be elevated. Whatever storm you're in right now was not sent to kill you... It was sent to raise you to another level!
    Maybe last night you had to pray yourself to sleep four different times through each nightmare that woke up up. Maybe you need to praise through the broken relationships in your life. Maybe you need to accept that God isn't preparing you for the rain of the storm, but He is preparing you for the reign of your life.
  2. The eagle is known for its vision.
    The eagle is not built with myopic vision, but it is build with telescopic vision. If you're an eagle, you shouldn't be alarmed when the pigeons sitting amongst you can't see the same vision that God has brought to you. You might be in the same position, looking at the same object, but your vision might allow you to see further than them. 
    This is especially true if God is increasing your elevation. Elevation changes perspective. Many times in our lives, we keep praying for the thing to move. We pray, "God move this fear out of my life," "God, please get rid of this insecurity," "God please remove this pride," "If you could just help me with this lust," "If you could just help me with this anger," "God, these people keep rejecting me. If you could just give me people who love me." You have to understand that God doesn't want to just move a barrier. God wants to increase your elevation so that you're above that recurring barrier. Elevation changes perspective, and perspective change allows you to see that very same barrier in a new way.
  3. The Eagle lives off of things that are alive - it doesn't feed on dead things.
    We have to stop eating dead things. We have to stop eating other people's past. We have to stop eating our pasts. We have to focus on what is still alive. We have to focus on the goodness that God has brought in each person today. This is the only fruit that will give us nutrients. We have to stop trying to get nutrients from dead things.
  4. Eagles mate once for life. 
    Female eagles test their mates before they breed. They do this to ensure that there is a foundation that can support a family. They do this to ensure that the baby eagle will be successful.
    When making nests, mother eagles make their babies comfortable, but only temporarily.  They build their nests with cotton and glass. When the eagles get big enough to feel the glass poke through the cotton, the nest is no longer comfortable. God does the same thing for us. Everything is comfortable for us when we are first saved. Everything is comfortable until we being to grow. That is the exact time where God wants us to take that next leap of faith and realize how much bigger the world can be outside of our nests. 
    God wants you to take that leap of faith. God wants you to receive His nutrients. He wants to elevate your perspective. He wants you to only go by the name He has given you. Most of all, He wants to refresh you and give you a second wind, just as soon as you're willing to wait on Him.