On Sunday, pastors Jeremy and Christy Johnson teamed up for the continuation of our series,
“Sex, Drugs, Money, More” and reminded us that as we pursue a relationship with someone
else, not only should we deepen our relationship with God and become a whole person, we
need to learn how to guard our heart as well.
Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
Above everything else! If your heart is not healthy, nothing in your life will be because
everything flows from that place. The health of your heart determines the course of your life.
You could be doing your best, protecting your family and working hard to financially support
their needs, which is awesome, but if you are not guarding and taking care of your heart, your
relationships will suffer. The health of your heart determines what decisions you make, where
you go and what you do.
To begin guarding your heart, ask the Holy Spirit to be your guard. As we have talked about in
previous weeks, deepen your relationship with God and ask Him how to have the healthiest
heart possible. One way to guard your heart is to take things slow when entering into a new
relationship. Don’t go deep with someone right away. Allow trust to be built between you and
the other person before sharing all of your secrets. There is plenty of time to get to know each
other. Another way to guard your heart is to honor those around you. Honor marriage. If you
have friends that are of the opposite sex and they are married, don’t encourage them in such a
way that their mind wanders. You don’t know what is going on in their marriage right now. If
their spouse hasn’t encouraged them in awhile, but you do, they could begin to have doubts
about their marriage. It’s not to say that you can’t encourage people, but be mindful of their
spouses when you interact. Save certain things for your husband or wife. See yourself as worth
more than a provocative picture on Instagram. Be aware of the way you present yourself to the
opposite sex. Just because someone is married doesn’t mean they no longer have an appetite.
If we begin to honor marriage and champion marriage by being aware of and staying away from
situations that could lead to a relationship falling apart, the divorce rate would plummet. It is
time to be the people we want to be with. What if instead of looking for a person that fits a
certain criteria, we became the criteria? Ecclesiastes 9:10 (MSG) tells us that life is God’s gift
and we should take advantage of every opportunity that we have. Whether you are single or
married, live with that perspective. Be the best person you can be in your singleness or
marriage. If you guard your heart and really begin to take hold of this precious life, everything
in your life will begin to prosper.
Some of you may have been wounded in the past because you didn’t guard your heart or
someone in your life did not respect your boundaries. God wants to heal your heart and give
you a fresh start in guarding and protecting it. Let go of the ghost of your past relationships and
allow God to come in and put those broken parts back together. You can be healthy and whole.
You can have the marriage you desire even if your previous one failed. Regardless if you are
single or married, you can live your best life now. Marriages can be revived by a heart check
and a perspective shift. Relationships can be formed by going out and living life to the fullest.

Ask God to fulfill His plans for you in whatever season you are in. You don’t need to wait to live
out your destiny. You can live in it right now!