In Los Angeles, our Universities and Colleges are filled with thousands of students pursuing their dreams, yet lost and empty with no sense of purpose. Our vision with Fearless college is to introduce these students to the radical, unconditional, life changing love of Jesus. Through our college ministry, we are seeing salvations, healings and people experience real love for the first time.

Our vision is to passionately love these campuses, through our weekly outreaches and events, until they ask why. We are believing that UCLA, USC and the campuses of Los Angeles will be saved. We are believing that students may go into college to pursue their dreams, but will find out that the God of the universe is pursuing their hearts. We are believing that through our Fearless Clubs on each campus we will have hundreds of students coming weekly to experience the power and presence of God.

Our prayer is that when these students graduate, they would not only better society with their studies over the past 4 years at University, but would infiltrate society as disciples of Jesus Christ.


Rich Munton