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1.  Gory, by definition, is something that has inherent and intrinsic worth. How have you perceived the glory of God today?
2. 1 Timothy 5:17 talks about honoring your leaders, from our president to our church leaders and everyone in between. Have you struggled with honoring others, and how did you grow in this area to be able to honor?
3. What are some practical ways we can honor others?
4. Do you honor God because of what He does or who He is?. 


Honor, by definition, is "to render or esteem glorious." It's one of those words, similar to "love," that immediately is understood in the world and in the church. When we honor God the way the Bible tells us to, we end up seeing all that He is worth. 
Honor is not given, but authored. For example: When we look at a collectible baseball card, the card's value changes not because of the card material itself but because who was on the card and what is branded on the player. In the same context, we hope that others would see the branding of Jesus in our lives, and for it to bring value to the world. Our value comes from who He is, not who we are. 
So how do we honor God? By believing His Word! What if when Jesus was sent to turn the water into wine, the servants wouldn't have believed in and obeyed His instructions? What would have come out of that moment? Quite possible, that wouldn't have been His first public miracle if the servants wouldn't have chosen to honor Jesus. We also wouldn't have seen a ceremonial washing bin (a filthy vessel) being used to create the miracle. Can we trust Jesus' Word and follow what He directs us to do so that miracles can occur?
Maybe God wants to create a miracle and repurpose you. When Jesus turned water into wine, he didn't make grape juice. He gave it a new past. He redeemed time that wasn't there. We must continue because we can trust His Word! Whenever you see the honor God has given you, you're able to give people honor. Let's be people who honor everyone around us, and most importantly, people who honor God in all we do. 


1 Timothy 5:17
1 Peter 2:17
John 2:1-11
Romans 12:10
Proverbs 14:31
Numbers 20:12
John 6:35