Now you can join us from wherever you are! Go deeper with God by answering thought provoking questions
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  1. Are there storms currently testing the foundation of your house?

  2. Read Jeremiah 1:10. Have you ever felt called but didn't believe you could do it? What is preventing you from believing you could do it?

  3. There is power in the process. If someone takes a look at your current process, would they be able to tell what your promise is? What is something that you think you can do more of while being in the process?

  4. What have you been through that you thought God forgot about you?

  5. What is something that you have walked through that could be a message for someone else today?


Has your "house" been going through a few storms lately? Sometimes, we get so caught up in the storm of our season that we don't realize what the storm represents. When you make it through the storm, you're closer to God than you realize. A storm will reveal the proximity you have to God, but a storm also makes you want to quit on the process to your calling. Similar to playing the game Jenga, we start taking pieces out that we probably think we can do without, while still keeping our building tall and intact. But what we're really doing is looking at our calling and trying to remove pieces of the process. 

We all have a calling (a promise or purpose from God), but often times we don't have enough faith for it. When we finally believe in our calling, we tend to become so enamored by it that we guard and protect it, and our purpose then turns into an idol. We want to get to our calling as fast as we can because we don't want to prove we're in the wrong place due to our unbelief or doubt. As much as we want to focus on our calling, God wants us to be aware that there is a process to consider prior to getting it, the storm will make the entire house fall. It takes more faith to truth him with this process in building our house than it takes to see the house in full completion. How do we do this? By trusting that God knows more than us, and also knowing that God wants to build it with us. God wants us to build the house upon His will, and no our own. True maturity will come when we find joy and passion in the process. 

When going through this process, we tend to ask "why." But what we really need to start asking is "who." Who am I walking through this for, God? By asking this question, we're gaining wisdom in the process. God also wants to show you how your past is a story that will help reach the broken. Who is waiting on the other side of my pain, God? Any time God wants to save a generation, He sends a redeemer. Our redeemer, Jesus, endured so much as a man so he could represent us! Maybe the things we're enduring in the process are so we could represent someone else in the generations to come. God has sent us out into the world to redeem it. Let's use the tools he has given us, and start wiping the tears of our generation!

Matthew 7:21-29 (NIV)
Jeremiah 1:10
1 Timothy 2:5-7
Isaiah 53:2-9 (NIV)