Now you can join us from wherever you are!

 Go deeper with God by answering thought provoking questions with a group of friends or on your own.





  1. What is God calling you to do in this new season while we are on the fast?

  2. What specific things do you want to see God do this year? Can you commit yourself to pray for these things often?

  3. Do you have a lifestyle of prayer? How can you incorporate more prayer into your everyday life?


As a church, this year we are shifting to another level, and maturing in Christ. As you mature and grow, you have to allow God to come into your heart and heal the things that you’ve held onto for so long. It is not going to be easy, and it’s going to be painful as the words and wounds are being ripped away to make way for healing. Make time to sit with the Lord. Make time to eat with the Lord. He wants you to be excited about what you are reading in His word, and to actually eat and digest what you are reading.

Psalm 141:1-3 says, “I call to you, Lord, come quickly to me; hear me when I call to you. May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.” Did you know that the power of life and death is in your tongue? Your words have power to shift atmospheres. To put a guard over your mouth, means to guard the things that you say into the atmosphere. When you call to God, He will come quickly to you. He gave you authority as a son or daughter of the most high King. He wants all of your affection, but so does the devil. The devil does not rule from a throne, he rules through a throne. He does not have authority, but he tries to use the authority that you have from God against you. So take up your authority by speaking out truth and agreeing with the Word of God.

Before Jesus became the ultimate sacrifice, the people would have to sacrifice a lamb for their sins. The priests would hold down the lamb on the altar and slaughter them. Not just one, but thousands of lambs brought in were slaughtered one by one. It was gruesome, messy, and smelled terrible. Imagine the smell of burning hair and flesh. It could not have been a pleasing aroma. So the priests would then take incense as a symbol of prayers going up to Heaven, but it would also get rid of the smell to help bring a pleasing aroma to God. Likewise, the incense of when you lift up your prayers to Heaven helps make this world more bearable. Prayer changes things. That’s why when you pray, your prayers go up to Heaven and not only bring a sweet smell to God, but they shift the atmospheres around you and make the hard times more bearable. Be specific with God when you pray. God is a specific God. He made you a specific way and made everything in this world specific. When you pray, be specific with what you want to see. There is so much power in prayer! God wants you to be a living sacrifice for this world and to stand in the gap for the people around you. Take time today to pray specifically for the things you’re believing for, and you will see breakthrough!