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1.  Read Luke 10:25-37. What area of your life are you not "all in" for God?
2. The first time Jesus took care of a need is documented in John 2:1-11. When was a time you took care of someone's need?
3. What's a personal road block that stops you from reaching out and helping another in need?
4. Name one person you will connect with this week and fulfill their need like Jesus does. 


Everyone always talks about Jesus turning water into wine, but when Jesus created this miracle in John 2:1-11, He was actually fulfilling a need. At this time in history, if anyone would've thrown a party, or in this case, a wedding, and ran out of food or wine, it was considered poor form and they would've shamed the man for his entire lifetime. Although this man's highest need may have been salvation, that was not his immediate need at that given time. As Jesus acknowledged this, he fulfilled the need, removing the window for shame to come in, and in turn, the miracle was witnessed by his disciples (something that the disciples need to experience, as well). 
When we reflect on this passage, Jesus made it clear that people were His passion. He didn't push forward with needing to accomplish salvation first but rather discerned what the need was at that given time, knowing that when He fulfilled that need, their heart would be opened. When we think about being like Jesus in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and anywhere else in our cities, we must discern people's needs to reach and love with the love of Jesus. 
Pastor Glen Berteau shared several real-life stories of how simple it is to reach others when we just approach everything with the heart of Jesus. A question as simple as, "Can I pray with you about something?" can ultimately bring down the walls between us (the Church) and the lost. Ultimately, we need to make an effort to find common ground in order to fulfill the highest need. We can trust Jesus in this as we walk in faith that His lost children will be not only loved but it will eventually lead them back to the Father. 
As believers, we cannot walk by people that are hurting. Be Jesus to people. Find common ground with people. Don't preach heaven or hell to them. Just meet their need and show them the love of Jesus!


Luke 10:25-37
John 2:1-11
Luke 9:1-9
Acts 16:28-30