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  1. Before you got saved, what were some active "frogs" in your life? What are they now?

  2. Have you been guilty of procrastinating and saying, "I'll leave it for tomorrow"? 

  3. What would be your next step to get rid of the frogs currently in your life?

  4. Who do you think could be affected by you either keeping the "frogs" in your life or getting free of them?


Imagine your whole entire house filling up with frogs. From your bedroom, to your kitchen, to your living room, and everywhere you open another door or drawer, there's just a swarm of frogs! You can't escape it...they're everywhere! This is exactly what happened to the Egyptians in Exodus 8. Because the Egyptians worshipped frogs, God gave them a plague of frogs! 
Now...imagine someone knocking on your door that says that he can spray something that would help get rid of all the frogs in an instant. Naturally your response would probably be "Yes, please!" But what if that wasn't your response? Imagine saying, "Let's wait till tomorrow." This is what Pharaoh responded with...can you believe it?
This might seem weird to say to wait till tomorrow to get it done, but let's face it...we as believers can do this very same thing. There can be something in your life harming you, and has been in your life for years. While we decide on tomorrow, God wants to se you free RIGHT NOW! Today is the day for victory, the day for salvation, and to defeat the things in our lives that have been defeating us. He has given us a better life that we can freely choose right here, right now. 
If we choose to believe that God is who He says HE is, and that He has healing for us too, then we won't miss opportunities that the enemy is waiting to steal from us. We no longer have to stay in that same place of pain that is sabotaging the good relationships we have going on in our lives. The healing and freedom from bondage that God wants to give us isn't just for us, but for everyone in our future. It's for the next generations, for their freedom, and their salvations. 


Exodus 8:1-14 MSG