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1. Do you know what your call is ? What are you doing to prepare for your call ?
2. Are you pregnant with purpose ?
3. Share about a process of developing that God took you through.


Most people have, at one point or another, created a timeline for their lives. When you were younger, you probably thought, “I’ll be married in my early 20’s, already have my career established, start having children, retire early, and live happily ever after.” Maybe your timeline looked a little different, but at some point in your life, you’ve probably formed expectations for what your future would look like. Maybe you even had a “5-Year Plan.” It’s natural to think about how your life will play out and to


hope for certain things at certain times. Some people have their whole wedding planned when they’re not even dating anyone yet. Well, what happens when you pass that time you were supposed to already be married or supposed to already have children? You may get upset and think God forgot about you. The truth is, God has an appointed time for everything and everyone! Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” God hasn’t forgotten about you, He’s just waiting for the perfect time! When you say yes to God, you can’t miss it. He will direct your steps. There are no flaws in God’s timing.

When you take pictures with a disposable camera, you don’t get to see the results right away. First, you have to take the camera to a specialist. Then they break open the camera, take out the insides and put the film through a developing process in a dark room. When you feel like you are being broken open and are in the dark, you are in the perfect place for God to develop you! You have to go through these seasons of darkness to be developed. You just have to trust God in the process because He never leaves you nor forsakes you. Trust the call God has placed on your life. He already promised it, but are you prepared for it?

You wouldn’t give a child a car before they know how to drive. They would endanger themselves and others. They have to prepare for it and grow before they can receive that blessing. God has your blessing waiting for you. What are you doing to prepare for it? Your life is not a competition; it is a call. If you see someone else receive their blessing and step into their call, it shouldn’t discourage you. No one else can steal your blessing or your call. God has a specific destiny just for YOU. Start doing everything in light of your call. Start preparing as if you are already there. When a mother is pregnant with her child, she prepares for its coming. She will read books, eat healthy, prepare the room and clothes, and pick out a name. Get pregnant with purpose. When you get intimate with God, you’ll become pregnant with purpose. You’ll start acting as if you’re already living in your call. You’ll start preparing for the blessings God has for you. If you’re single, it’s the perfect time to get prepared. You have more time, talent, and treasure to give to God. If you think you’re busy now, wait until you get married and have a family. There are so many things to do to prepare for where God wants to take you. Don’t try to manipulate your blessing into happening. It will come in its time. Don’t be like Jacob who stole Esau’s blessing. He was already called by God before he was even born, but he got impatient. He ended up in a wrestling match with God and was left with a limp. Today is a great day to start preparing for your future! Just be patient and trust God!