Are you living your life here on earth to the fullest, with a God-sized life? We can be living life to a much greater potential when we pursue a God-sized life. The word says that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor has it been imagined the plans He has for us. The word literally tells us that we cannot imagine what God has for us. It is too great! But how big is God to you? Is He small when you walk through storms, or does He always stay the same? The truth is, He doesn’t change, grow, or shrink; He is always the same, yet we tend to limit Him in our minds. We keep

Him out of certain areas of our lives that aren’t comfortable for us to allow Him into. We hold back our trust.

Like the box illustration, we can sometimes allow our life experiences to define what we believe is possible instead of looking at our situation through God's eyes. This cycle is broken when we begin to allow the Lord to be the center of it all. He will give us new eyes to create in the world around us and to believe for greater. A God-sized life is a God-centric life; there is nothing that He isn’t Lord over in it. It is an “all in,” fully surrendered life. How can you live a God-sized life today?